Advanced GIS and remote sense analysis

Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing Analysis

We are helping expand the geospatial capacity of multiple World Bank teams, working on both the local and national scale. We are performing GIS technical support and data analysis; advanced methods for remote sensing analysis; and implementation of machine learning techniques for land cover and land use classification on a wide portfolio of international projects.

NLT国际工作的一些具体例子包括城市恢复计划(CRP). 我们为世行的城市弹性计划(CRP)完成了多个推荐一个正规滚球,为经济发展之间的相互关系提供了敏锐的见解,包括使用夜间灯光来衡量经济活动, flood/hazard exposure, land-use, and natural phenomena such as the Urban Heat Island.  Another is for the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) program, 为此,NLT正在进行测量新可用数据集可行性的工作(Fathom 2.0) in assessing risk exposure.


teaching the next generation of scientists

Capacity Building and Training

Our expert staff are also increasing the mastery of partner institutions abroad through workshops, training and curricula development. 我们与参与者合作,提高他们的遥感技能和用于卫星数据分析的工具集, including image interpretation and image classification, primarily performed through Google Earth Engine.

Research and Analysis

OpenStreetMap (OSM) data

We’ve expertly designed, led, and implemented a wide range of applied research projects and initiatives focused on multiple developing countries, 主要利用免费和开源的卫星图像和遥感推荐一个正规滚球. The deliverables often exceed expectations, whether they are easy-to-use user interfaces; research and white papers; online tools for decision-makers; or completed products. 

NLT的工作常常使世界银行成员得到进一步的迭代和更深入的理解. 在热带气旋Fani袭击孟加拉国后,NLT证实的测量洪水程度的方法被进一步利用. 我们之前已经完成了一些项目,突出了开放地图(OSM)数据在发展中国家的局限性. 这一独特的项目产生了一份广泛分发的、扩大了范围的研究论文,强调了加强开放地理空间数据公共存储的操作方法. 

While sovereignty lies with any given nation, some problems transcend borders. Our decades of experience in GIS, 遥感和研究以及我们对更大社会效益的承诺在很大程度上推动了NLT在全球的工作. For a broader overview the rest of our international work, check out the list below:

New Light Technologies’ International Work at a Glance


Our Past Projects

  • 利用遥感评估自然灾害管理的OSM完整性:三个小岛屿国家的案例研究
  • Development Economics Data Group – Nepal Measurement of Economic Trends
  • Land Team – Land Use Mapping Ethiopia
  • 评估缅甸冲突影响地区的经济活动和能力建设(现场培训)
  • 东帝汶-经济和公共部门治理管理的开放卫星馈电
  • Urban flooding map with open source methods (CRP – CityScans, GFDRR)
  • 南亚和非洲土地利用转型及其社会经济影响的识别
  • Assessing Tax Gaps and quality of cadastral records in Lesotho, Tanzania, Zambia, Vietnam and Ukraine
  • Open Cities Satellite Mapping and Analytics for an effective city governance 
  • 加强国家诊断、运输走廊和印度和亚洲的经济发展
  • Capacity Building in Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, and Timor Leste
  • Assessing Economic Activities Around Transportation Corridors 
    • Multiple countries
    • BBIN Countries
  • AI for Public Asset Management: 
  • Flood Tracking from Emerging Economy Cities (case study: Maharashtra)
  • Utilizing Satellite Data for Urban Resilience: 
    • Measuring the Urban Heat Island Effect 
    • Mapping Flood Extent in Bangladesh


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