Emergency Management & Public Safety

NLT offers a suite of Public Safety & Emergency Management solutions including specialties in Hazard Modeling & Analytics, Geospatial & Remote Sensing, Decision Support Tool Development, Mobile Field Computing.

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Smart Cities

NLT offers deep experience integrating modern technologies with different disciplines including urban planning, public safety, transportation, economics, environmental conservation and more.

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Healthcare IT

NLT has been helping healthcare organizations including the DC Healthcare Exchange improve patient care, comply with mandates, and ensure security.

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Utilities and Telecom

NLT provides integrated enterprise IT solutions for managing utility networks including wire-based and wireless services over secure, highly redundant, and high capacity fiber optic telecommunications platforms.

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Federal Government

NLT is a leader in supporting a wide range of science, technology, research, and development projects for the federal government.

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Local Government and Non-Profits

NLT offers significant experience leading and supporting a wide range of science, technology, research, and development projects for state & local government and other community organizations.

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NLT delivers results for a variety of companies in engineering, software, business intelligence, energy, space management, environment, and agriculture.

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International Development

NLT is working abroad on a global scale by supplying GIS technical support, advanced methods for remote sensing analysis and implementation of machine learning techniques for land cover and land use classification to clients abroad.

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